1961-62 Fulbright Scholarship - Rome, Italy
1959-61 M.F.A. - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
1955-59 B.S. - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
School of Design, Department of Architecture, Raleigh, North Carolina
Atlantic Christian College, Wilson, North Carolina


Dr. Bramante, Clinic, Fresno CA
The Ansel Adams Trust, The Mono Inn, Mono Lake CA. Moon Blade
Fresno Art Museum Sculpture Garden, Fresno CA
Metropolitan Museum, Fresno CA
National Appaloosa Museum, Moscow Idaho - Chief Joseph Commemorative Bronze Portrait
Veteran's Hospital, Fresno CA, National Endowment for the Arts Grant
The Harris Ranch, Coalinga CA
Guarantee Savings and Loan, Fresno CA
The Vision Center, Fresno CA
Sequoia Savings, Fresno CA
Giocobbi Square, Sun Valley Idaho
Warner Theater, Fresno CA
The Pinnacle Corporation, Fresno CA - Mr & Mrs Sam Reeves
Mr & Mrs Richard Cook, Garden Sculpture, Fresno CA
Mr & Mrs Richard Cook, Fountain Plaza, Fresno CA
Mr. & Mrs. George Andros, residence, Fresno CA
Mr & Mrs Edwin O-Neil, residence, Santa Cruz CA
Mr & Mrs William Rogers, residence, Fresno CA


2005, Barton College, Wilson NC Graphics
2000 Phebe Conley Gallery, California State University, Fresno Geometrica/Piero
1995 Fresno Art Museum, 78 pieces in three galleries - Bamboo Between Cultures: Japan/Italy/Bali/California, Fresno, California (September 14 - November 9)
4th International Bamboo Congress, Linda Garland Estate, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia - 24 photos of Florence Exhibition plus 4 new sculptures created for Congress (June 4 - 11)
1994 The Ken Gallery, Bambu - Florence, Italy (June 9 - 29)
1990 Claudia Chapman Gallery, Stinson Beach, California
1988 Fresno Art Museum, Seven Stones - Fresno California (January 19 - May 2)
Phebe Conley Gallery, Seven Stones - California State University, Fresno, California (October 2 - December 6)
1987 Zantman Gallery, Seven Stones - Palm Desert, California
Galleria Volterra, Academy, California (Benefit for the Fresno Art Museum)
1984 Fresno Metropolitan Museum, 40'x70'x24' Environmental Sculpture - Fresno, California (executed for the museum's opening celebration)
1975 Phebe Conley Gallery, American Bicentennial, The Indians - California State University, Fresno, California
1973 Twentieth Century Gallery, Contrast of Nobility: Aristocrisy of Europe and Indians of North America -Williamsburg, Virginia
1966 Museum of Space/Technology, Tribute to NASA - Exposition Park, Los Angeles, California
Comara Gallery, Tribute to NASA - Los Angeles, California
1965 Pomona Art Center, Pomona, California
1965 Fresno Art Museum, New Planet Landscapes - Fresno, California
1964 Fig Tree Gallery, Fresno, California
Visalia Art Museum, Visalia, California
Phebe Conley Gallery, California State University, Fresno, California
1961 John Motley Morehead Gallery, Painting and Sculpture Toward Architecture, (MFA Thesis presentation which received Fulbright Scholarhip) - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Gimghoul Castle, Chapel Hill, North Carolina


2004 Patterson Building, Fresno CA The Great Eight
1997 Khouros Gallery, New York , Connecticut
PDX Gallery, Bamboo - Portland Oregon
1996 Phebe Conley Gallery, LOST WAX FOUNDry FRIENDS III Exhibition - California State University, Fresno, California
1995 Phebe Conley Gallery, Faculty Exhibition - California State University, Fresno, California
1993 Phebe Conley Gallery, Faculty Exhibition - California State University, Fresno, California
1991 Fresno Art Museum, New Wave - Fresno California
1990 John Pence Gallery, New Artists - San Francisco, California
1989 Chancellor's Office, Distinguished Artists, Landscape Visions - Long Beach, California (Invitational)
1989 National Peace Memorial Competition / Exhibition - Washington, DC, (33 Acre Design National Competition)
1987 Phebe Conley Gallery, Art Faculty Biennial - California State University, Fresno, California
1986 University of Florida Gallery, National Sculpture Exhibition - Tallahassee, Florida (Juried)
1985 Galleries of California State Universities, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Fresno, and Sacramento, Chancellor's California Distinguished Artist Travelling Exhibition, (Invitational)
1974 Ackland Museum, Alumni Exhibition - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina (Invitational)
1969 California State Exposition, Design Invitational - Sacramento, California
1968 Pasadena Museum - Pasadena, California (Juried)
1966 Monastery of Vollyermo - California (Juried)
Atlantic Christian College Gallery, Alumni Invitational - Wilson, North Carolina
Los Angeles County Museum - Segments from Tribute to NASA, Los Angeles, California (Invitational)
1965-67 Laguna Art Annual - Laguna Beach, California (Invitational)
1964-67 San Joaquin Annual - Fresno Art Center, Fresno, California (Juried)
Orange State College Gallery - Southern California (Invitational)
Louis Comfort Tiffany, Award Show - New York, New York (Juried)
Harlaan Allen Gallery - San Francisco, California
1963 Phebe Conley Gallery - Faculty Exhibitions, California State University, Fresno, California, (each year in continuity to date)
1962 Palazzo Venezia - Rome, Italy, Fulbright Exhibition (Chairman/Coordinator)
Religious Festival - Monterey, California (Juried - First Place Award)
1959-61 North Carolina Annual - Raleigh, North Carolina (Juried)


1996 ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST - AD At Large, Photo/text "Homage to Bangli": Concept of world as Global Studio - influences of Bali on my work, in bamboo interpreted by bronze (August magazine)
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Aired in United States and on Soviet Public Television in Russia through International Media Exchange
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1965 THE FRESNO BEE newspaper photo feature, New Planet Landscapes exhibition


Fresno Art Museum, Fresno CA (4)
Veterans Hospital (NEA project) Fresno CA (1)
Great Western Savings, Fresno CA (1)
The Vision Center, Fresno CA (1)
Glendale Federal Savings, Fresno CA (3)
Giocobbi Square, Sun Valley Idaho (4)
University of North Carolina, Raleigh NC (1)
National Appaloosa Museum, Moscow ID (Chief Joseph commemorative) (1)
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Pinnacle Corporation, Ltd. Fresno CA (1)Bramanti Clinic,Fresno CA (2)
Toscanella Corporation Inc. North Hollywood CA (1)
St.Agnes Hospital, Cardiology Wing Foyer, Fresno CA (14)


Mr & Mrs Fiorenzo Tirinnanzi, Toluca Lake CA (5)
Mrs Rose Tarlow, Beverly Hills CA (1)
Ms Sally Serkin-Lewis, Los Angeles CA (1)
Jim & Ellen Isenson, Beverly Hills CA (1)
Mr & Mrs Umberto Tirinnanzi, Florence Italy (2)
Mr & Mrs Franco Corsini, Parma Italy (2)
Dr & Mrs Ermando Minardi, Parma Italy (2)
Mr & Mrs George Blair, Fresno CA (3)
Mrs Margie Wheat, Palm Springs CA (1)
Mr & Mrs Buster Minshew, Boise Idaho (1)
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